I thought I’d write a post about the makeup I use in my kit, as I regularly get asked…
“will my makeup last?!”

My answer is always, absolutely!

Whether I do your makeup at 6am (which frequently happens if you’re party of an early wedding bridal party!), or i’m doing it at 6pm.. you’re make up is staying on until you decide to wash it off!

This is due to a combination of factors ;

1. Researching products and the quality.
There’s so many brands on the market these days, you have to do your homework to make sure they’re worthy (instagram helps me with this!). But it’s not always the high end makeup brands that are the best!

I will always be a MAC girl ✌🏻 but since leaving to go self employed, it has pushed me to try other (cheaper) brands! And there’s more and more of them that are being launched on the market. For example, NYX Professional Makeup, a company I’m absolutely loving at the moment!!! Their black gel liner is AMAZING! And even better, it’s under a tenner! I always love stocking up on their products when boots have a 3-4-2 offer! The colour pay off of their products is fantastic and is a fraction of the price of other brands.

But sometimes you can’t beat some luxurious brands that you know do the job…

In my makeup kit you’ll see brands such MAC (obvs), NARS, Laura Mercier, Anastasia Beverley Hills, Huda Beauty, Bobbi Brown… etc

But don’t be put off if you see other more reasonable brands such as Revolution MakeupMorphe Brushes or NYX! Their wearability and durability is brilliant and they’re SO affordable!

Secondly, to keep someone’s makeup lasting all day/night, it’s all about layering the products… ! This is something I would always advocate in my makeup appointments/lessons as to achieve a polished look, you’re not going to achieve it with 1 or 2 products.

So I focus on the skincare according to the person (I love skincare brands such as Keihls for example), and then focusing on the right foundation for the persons skin type, then set it with a powder, then warm the skin with bronzer and blushers.. and then a setting spray…

See what I mean about the layering?!

In short, your makeup isn’t budging! Regardless of whether you’re having a full glam or a natural makeup.

Don’t be afraid to ask makeup artists what brands they use in their kit to give you some confidence…but if it’s a brand you haven’t heard of, have faith that the MUA has done their research to ensure that you get the best quality products on your face! It’s what we do!